Frederick Market Street Mile

Sat September 12, 2020 Frederick, MD US 21701 Directions

The Frederick Market Street Mile caters to runners and walkers of all abilities.  There is an event for everyone.   Here are a few questions that we seem to get fairly frequently.  If you're still wondering about something, just send us an email and we'll be happy to help. 


Does the shirt come with the race entry? Why not?

No the shirt is a separate purchase. We are trying to keep the race as affordable as possible. Our price for the shirts is very close to their actual cost. You can see from that if we included them with the race fee it would significantly increase the price of the race itself. We do hope you decide to buy the shirt, but we want to give you the option to run this race with as small a cash outlay as possible.


I forgot to buy a shirt - can I still get one?

By the time you decide to buy, we may still have shirts available, so please try to see if we have any left in your size. The shirts will be (were) ordered August 15, so if you buy before then you are guaranteed the size you want. We always order a few extra shirts because we know that many folks want them, but at that point we're guessing on the sizes which will be needed, so your size may not be available.

Please keep in mind that the cost for any shirts we buy which are not purchased by a runner reduces what we are able to give our beneficiary(ies), so we try not to order too many extras. Bottom line - register and buy your shirt by the time we make our order so you don't have to worry about it. :)


How many people can participate on a team for the Family Mile?

The Family Mile is meant to cover up to five members of an immediate family of adults/children for a single registration fee.  If you have an extended family that would like to participate together, you will need to register as separate families or as additional individuals in the Fun Mile which takes place at the same time as the Family Mile.  Note that both of these events are untimed.


How do I get the family rate for my whole family for the Family Mile?

We give the option to pay a low family rate for up to 5 members of a family registering for the untimed Family Mile. When registering the family, they all need to be in the same "team" so that the family is grouped together. When you register the first family member, you'll be given the opportunity to create the team. Give the team a fun name, or just use your family name. When you register additional family members, you'll need to add them to the team you created. Up to 4 additional members members are charged $0 when registered this way. Please see the question above, this is meant for adults and children of an immediate family.


What if I miss the online registration deadline?

New since 2019: we are keeping online registration open through race day.  Or you can come to Charm City at 467 W. Patrick Street Thursday, September 12th, 4-7:00pm to register and pick up your bib. You can also register on race day, but you may encounter longer lines. Also please note the prices increase before the early packet pickup and again on race day.


How early should I arrive?

About 30 minutes before the start of your event should be fine if you're pre-registered.  If you plan to register on race-day, please give yourself plenty of time before your heat, as there may be crowds.


Where should I park?

The folks at the YMCA would prefer that race participants not park in their parking lot, since there are a lot of classes, etc held on Saturdays at the Y.  There should be plenty of parking on 9th Street (east and west of Market), 10th Street (west of Market) and possibly Market Street itself, north of the YMCA. Be aware, of course, that Market Street south of the YMCA will be closed to traffic early in the morning.

Alternatively, you can park downtown and jog/walk north on Market Street to the YMCA as your warmup.  That way, your vehicle is downtown waiting for you when you've finished with the "In The Street" festivities.  See the "In The Street" website for more information on parking downtown.


What do I do when I first arrive at the Start?

Packet Pickup and Race Day registration is held on the lawn in front of the YMCA.  

If you're already registered, but haven't gotten your bib yet, you'll first need to get your bib number. Bib number listings will be prominently displayed in the area of the lawn before you reach the registration tables or you can look up your bib number at After getting your bib number from the list, go to the tables for pre-registered runners. There will be several lines, based on bib numbers (e.g., 101 - 200, 201 - 300, etc).  

If you're not registered yet, go to the table with registration kiosks and fill out the electronic form. You'll be able to pay with a credit card at the registration kiosk. Then proceed to the registration check-in table to pay your registration fee (if paying by cash/check) and get your bib. 


If I pick up my bib Thursday evening, do I still need to check-in on race day?

No.  You'll be all set!  Just get to the start early enough to park and use the bathroom, if necessary.


What do I do with the race bib?

You will be given four safety pins along with your bib.  Use all four pins to pin the bib to the front of your shirt.  If you are running in one of the timed events, do not attach pins to the bottom pull-tag.   While we are using chip timing, the timer may have to pull some bib tags.  Do not fold or damage the timing chip on the back of your bib.


Is there a time limit for the timed events?

New in 2020 -- the timed heats will start 15 minutes apart, but if you take more than 14 minutes we will definitely try to give you a time.

Yes, there is a 14 minute cutoff for the timed events so that the timer can reset the timing equipment and get ready for the next event.  We have been allocated 15 minutes between the timed events. If you take longer than 14 minutes, it is likely that you won't get a finish time recorded.  If that is what you expect please consider participating in the Fun Mile/Family Mile rather than a timed heat.


What do I do at the start?

When you see everyone heading to the start line, follow them. Runners are supposed to line up according to how they expect to finish - fast runners in the front, slow runners in the back, walkers behind the runners. This prevents congestion on the course. You want to be among runners who will be running the same pace as you. You don't want to be passed by swarms of folks, and you don't want to be dodging and weaving around people slower than you. There will be some pre-race announcements, and then the announcer will sound an air-horn. That's your cue to get moving!


What if I can't run the whole thing?

No problem. You'll have lots of company.  If you expect to walk more than half of the course, we suggest that you register for the Family or Fun Mile.  Be aware that the timed events are limited to 14 minutes and if you take longer than that to complete a timed event, you will probably will not receive a finish time. 


Will I be last?

Statistically, it's unlikely.  We have lots of runners of widely varying abilities.   And we celebrate every one, regardless of pace. 


Will there be water on the course?

We will have water at the finish line.


What should I do at the Finish Line?

Keep moving through the finish chute. If you are a front runner in one of the timed events, a volunteer may take the detachable pull tag from your bib. Have some water, cheer on the other finishers.


I'll probably be starving after the race - will there be food?

The "In The Streets" festival has awesome food for sale from some of the best restaurants in Frederick. 


Will there be bathrooms at the start/finish?

You may use the facilities at the YMCA at the start, and there are porta-potties supplied by Celebrate Frederick at the finish.


What if I want to run in more than one heat?

It might be logistically difficult to get back to the start in order to run more than one event.  However, if you want to participate in more than one event (typically one of the timed events and the family/fun mile), you'll need to register for each one and make sure that you wear the correct bib. You'll have to be extremely fast to do this, though, as the heats are 15 minutes apart.


If I am 13 or younger, am I eligible for awards in both the Mens/Women's Mile and the Youth Mile?

Yes, but make sure that you are registered for both events and that you are wearing the correct bib in each heat. You'll have to be extremely fast to do this, though, as the heats are 15 minutes apart.


If I'm registered as part of a competitive team, am I still eligible for an individual award?

Yes.  The team standings do not affect the individual awards. 


Are strollers allowed in the Family Mile?

Sure - just make sure you line up near the back if you plan to walk the course with a stroller. Please don't try to run with your stroller - there are too many people and we want everyone to be safe.


Are dogs allowed?

Sorry but no. The Celebrate Frederick "In The Steets" event does not allow dogs.


I can't remember if I registered. How can I check?

You can check the list of registered participants here. You can also get your bib number there.


If I'm not able to run, can I get a refund or give my bib to someone else?

Sorry, we can't offer refunds.  And running with someone else's race bib is not allowed.  The race results would be inaccurate, possibly affecting someone else's standings.  If you're not able to run, you've still helped the race beneficiaries.  See the FSRC Bib Transfer Policy.


Can I pick up someone else's bib at packet pickup?

Yes. You will just be asked to fill out a form that you picked up the bib, so we know who picked it up in case there is any confusion later.


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